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The Child Care Clinic acknowledges and appreciates the uniqueness of every child, and strives to treat all children with the respect and kindness they deserve. The clinic offers a wide range of service for your child’s health. We are fully prepared to meet the preventive, diagnostic and treatment needs of children. We believe in the caring practice where children are provided foundation for good health. Healthy children become healthy adults. Besides focusing on any acute medical problem that they child may have, we also believe in the need to discover any potential problem that may have an impact on child’s future development and achievement.

General Pediatric Clinic

Pediatric Asthma Clinic

Child and Adolescent  Clinic

Developmental Clinic – assessment, management and counseling for physically and mentally disadvantaged children.

Well Baby Clinic – Screening, assessment of neonates & infants to detect potentially treatable conditions and organizing early intervention program, if needed.

Complete Immunizations – All routine and optional vaccines Treatment of Childhood diseases.

Child Health Plan Ear piercing for babies and kids.

Management of Acute Emergencies such as Febrile Convulsions, asthmatic attacks, moderate dehydration and minor injuries.