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Taking proper care of your teeth and gums is a life long commitment. For that, regular visits to your dentist is necessary. The Dental Care Department boasts of all the subspecialties in Dentistry manned by more that one doctor. It is one of the largest , most modern dental clinics in the Northern Emirates.

Department of Orthodontia (Braces and treatment of Irregular Teeth)

Uses latest and highly refined techniques for orthodontic corrections. Maximum results are achieved using micro implants for anchorage. Also treatment results are forecast using Dolphin Imaging Software with treatment simulation. The Department boasts of world class retention protocol using invisible retainers.

The services available are :
Correction of irregular (crooked) teeth
Closure of spacing (gaps) between teeth
Correction of jaw size discrepancies Guidance and control of jaw bone growth
Guidance of tooth eruption
Guided eruption of impacted teeth
Aesthetic treatment with high quality finishing
Self ligating bracket systems for biological and mechanical efficiency in tooth correction
Smile designing and facial profile correction