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Dr Midhu Mohan

General Practice and Family Medicine

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  • General Practitioner
  • MBBS
  • 6 years and 1 months
  • NMC Medical Centre, Sharqan |
  • English, Hindi, and Malayalam
  • Timings may vary kindly check with the clinic

About Me

Dr Midhu Mohan is a highly dedicated General Practitioner with an extensive background in the medical field spanning over five years. Her experience covers various departments, and she possesses a wide range of skills in handling both emergency and routine cases in both outpatient (OPD) and inpatient (IP) settings. Dr Midhu has consistently exhibited proficiency in conducting diagnostic investigations, delivering accurate differential diagnoses, managing high-risk trauma cases, responding to emergencies, performing outpatient procedures, and administering immunizations.
Dr Midhu earned her medical degree from Kannur Medical College and subsequently served as a Resident Medical Officer at Kannur Medical College for a period of four years. Following her tenure there, she transitioned into the role of a General Practitioner at a private clinic, where she further honed her clinical expertise during a two-year tenure.
Fluent in English, Hindi, and Malayalam, Dr Midhu Mohan is adept at communicating with patients from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Her commitment to providing exceptional medical care, coupled with her comprehensive experience and language skills, makes her a valuable asset in the healthcare field.