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Welcome toNMC Speciality Medical Centre, Rolla

NMC Speciality Medical Centre, Rolla is a leading super speciality medical center in Sharjah. It was previously located at the Bank street in Rolla and is now relocated to the opposite side of Rolla square park, Rolla Sharjah. NMC Speciality Medical Centre, Rolla has got its focus in patient care which is supported by Well-experienced doctors, and staffs. The Centre is equipped with latest diagnostic equipment and aims to provide comprehensive range of quality healthcare. NMC Speciality Medical Centre practices Total Quality Management where the focus is completely on patient care and satisfaction. Our doctors, Nurses, paramedics and other staffs are fully involved in improving the quality of treatment to ensure quick recovery and satisfaction of our patients. The Centre comes with a range of super specialities like
• Endocrinology • Urology • Gastroenterology • Ophthalmology • Orthopaedics • General Surgery • Dermatology (Skin Care) • Paediatrics • Psychiatry • Child Guidance Centre • Speech Therapy • Family Counselling • Personal Counselling

NMC Speciality Medical Centre, Rolla is also equipped with a JCI accredited fully equipped Laboratory.

Whatsapp: 055 3908860

  • 1st Floor, Eisa Building-2, Opp. Rolla Square Park, Near Rolla Bus Station, Rolla, P.O. Box 64684, Sharjah, UAE
  • Saturday to Thursday 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • 06 5182444
  • rolla.specialitymedcentre@nmc.ae